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Tough Times Foster the Finest Intentions

David Cheriton is a computer science professor at Stanford University with a serious reputation for advanced thinking on Distributed Systems. Unlike most academics I know, he combines that with uncanny insight into technology market opportunities.

The networking industry stands tall in extraordinary times

So what is hot in networking right now? What innovations and highlights have we seen in a year that has unfolded in such unpredictable ways?

Steering Cisco through troubled times

John Apostolopoulos is CTO/VP of Cisco’s largest business – Intent-Based Networking Group, which covers campus, branch, WAN, data center, wired/wireless, and cloud networking. He is also the founder of Cisco’s Innovation Labs…

Super SONiC lift-off?

SONiC (Software for Open Networking in the Cloud) is an open source Linux-based network operating system created and heavily promoted by Microsoft – over 70% of network hardware vendors now support it – in order to enable more flexible, tailored networks with the collective backing of a large community of partners and users.

Expect a lot of noise
– NVIDIA is dead serious about networking

When I was a kid “me and my mates” used to make gunpowder. It only took three ingredients: charcoal, sulfur and saltpeter (what the grown-ups called Potassium Nitrate). That was easy, but the proportions had to be just right, and the real challenge was to tamp it hard enough to get enough pressure – without hammering so hard that it went off prematurely. We never managed: the result was always a fizzle, a pretty flame. Not the loud bang kids crave.
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