NetEvents APAC Press & Analyst Summit – Singapore 2016 – Day 1 Preview

Everything is connected, and everything will change as full connectedness, along with developments such as artificial intelligence, starts to become truly useful to the human race. When that happens, the implications for all of us will be immense.

That’s the backdrop theme for NetEvents here in Singapore. We explore it first with the opening keynote, to be given by Dr Christian Busch from the London School of Economics. He will be talking about connectivity and business model innovation in a rapidly changing world – this is going to be a keynote speech from which we can all learn, so so don’t miss it!

Talking of connectivity, the cloud is rapidly becoming and will become the hub of all connectivity but, as we know, for large enterprises, change is often surprisingly difficult to achieve – especially if security is seen as a barrier. Are enterprises ready to open up to cloud computing? Find out in the first panel debate, which is followed by a more detailed session on protecting the cloud and the enterprise.

Security is again the key topic with a quick presentation and question session from a hot security vendor, and then we get to the Internet of Things – will it disrupt everything? You decide.

The last session on Thursday 26 May discusses China and its role in the global economy, in the form of a keynote speech from serial entrepreneur and Bangkok Bank director Duncan Clark. This will be followed by lunch and a series of round-tale meetings between press, analysts and vendors.

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