NetEvents APAC Press & Analyst Summit – Singapore 2016 – Day 2 Preview

The next day, after a dinner on Thursday night at The Look Out, Faber Peak, will open with a keynote presentation from Dell Networking and a Dell customer talking about OpenStack and open networking – it promises to be interesting.

The next debate topic looks at how small to medium-sized businesses can benefit from the kinds of technologies and trends that NetEvents covers, with cloud services in focus, followed by a debate on cloud connectivity – what’s the best way to do it?

With artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things firmly in the spotlight, the topic for the mid-morning debate discusses how to test the network in order to transport the massive influx of data from the IoT. Will the IoT kill the network? Find out here.

The last panel debate of this event will focus in on a core NetEvents topic: the future for the telco. How will telecommunications providers of tomorrow manage the huge amounts of change that are coming their way? Is there indeed a future for the telco at all?

And finally, don’t miss the last guest speaker presentation, on how one company went from zero to hero – a startup that that became a billion-dollar organisation in just four years. Want to know how? Just listen and absorb.

This blog will be followed by two others, one for each of the two days of the event. We’ll be covering the key points of each debate and presentation to help you keep track of what’s happening right here at NetEvents.

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