NetEvents EMEA Press & Analyst Summit – Portugal

The NetEvents EMEA Press & Analyst Summit commences tomorrow in the Algarve. Keynotes include Sunil Joshi, Managing Director and CEO, Neotel (and board member of Tata Communications) presenting on “Emerging Markets – new technologies, new opportunities and new business models” plus Arpit Joshipura, Vice President of Dell Networking on “Networking the Virtual Enterprise” in addition to these keynotes there is a great line-up of speakers from organisations such as Alcatel-Lucent, Aerohive, CA, HP, Enterasys, Extreme, IBM, IBMC, MEF, Mobile Iron, Tata Communications, Verizon, EANTC, EuroLAN, Metis, Gartner, IDC, Ovum, 451 Research, Quocirca and many more. Topics for discussion and debate  include current industry trends such as Software-Defined Networking, BYOD, Mobile Cloud, CIO Challenges, LTE/4G networks and much more….see line-up below.
More than 50 of the top IT publications and analysts representing more than 12 countries throughout the EMEA region will be in the audience reporting on the plenary sessions as well as participating in a series of individually scheduled briefings with industry top execs over the next two days.
Please keep a look out for our daily blog from Manek Dubash and download session transcripts, photo’s, analyst data and presentations from Monday Oct 1 by visiting
Sessions include…

Opening Keynote Presentation by Sunil Joshi, Managing Director and CEO, Neotel 
Emerging Markets – new technologies, new opportunities and new business models 
In the current uncertain economic climate the so-called ‘emerging’ nations – once the Cinderellas of the global economy – now present some of the most exciting business opportunities. So, do we approach them using tried and tested business models, or do we take advantage of these relatively green field opportunities to break new ground leapfrogging legacy technologies with ‘reverse innovation’, and putting new ideas to the test?

The Internet, cloud computing, mobile data and other new technologies open doors to exciting new business models that present a real challenge to conventional business. What are the new opportunities, and how can service providers select what is appropriate, adapt to the new realities and facilitate these changes?

Sunil Joshi is Managing Director and CEO of the South African telecom operator, Neotel and is also a member of the executive team of Tata Communications, where Sunil was previously President of Global Enterprise Solutions. South Africa, now a member of the dynamic BRICS nations, plays a key role in bridging Africa to the rest of the world economy, while Neotel is in the business of connecting its people and enterprises, as well as connecting South Africa to the world. Add to that Sunil’s experience and vision, and we have our ideal guide to the pitfalls and opportunities for innovative technology in the world’s emerging markets.

How is the role of the emerging markets developing, and how might this impact the global economy? Are emerging economies merely recipients or testing grounds for new technology, or are they already feeding back innovative developments and contributing positively to future advances? What further opportunities are emerging from this process and how should we address them?

Conference Debate Session I—Taming the BYOD Beast – issues of management and security
Introduced and Chaired by Vishal Jain, Analyst, Mobile Services, 451 Research  

For the employees it means greater convenience, job satisfaction and productivity. For the IT department it means a three or fourfold increase in the number of multi-vendor endpoints to manage, greater network permeability and new security risks with little hope of commensurate budget and staffing increases. But BYOD is here to stay, and it’s growing huge.

Solutions are needed to address visibility, management, network access control, security and the means to test a fast-evolving ecosystem of consumer devices – and we have a panel of vendors each promising to tame the BYOD beast.

But what sort of guarantees can they offer for a problem that is evolving as fast as the consumer market? Can one solution fit all – if so, who has the best solution? Or will we be forever adding and patching for each new invasion – the IT Department’s BYOSolution for BYOD?
Conference Debate Session II—Head to Head – Enterprise, Service Provider, Cloud Data Centre – who’s first to ride the SDN revolution? (And where’s it taking them?) 

Introduced and chaired by Ian Keene, Vice President, Gartner

With massive and successful deployments by Google, NTT, Genesis Hosting and others, there is little doubt about SDN as a workable and effective system, so the next question is: which sector will be first to reap the benefits?

We’ve selected speakers with specialist insight into the requirements of enterprises, service providers and cloud data centres utilising SDN to summarize their specific needs and objectives.

Who can make the best offer for which sector? And what immediate and long term benefits are being promised? Our analyst panel will then provide their views on the vendor pitches and open up to the audience who will be the final judge of this session.
Panellists: Arpit Joshipura,  Vice President of Product Marketing, Dell Networking; Markus Nispel, Chief Technology Strategist, Enterasys; Shehzad Merchant,  VP of Technology, Extreme Networks; Mike Banic, VP Global Marketing, HP Networking; Charles Ferland Business Unit  Executive, IBM.
Conference Debate Session II Analyst Panel: Emir Halilovic, Networking & Infrastructure EMEA IDC; Pim Bilderbeek, Analyst, The METIS Files.

Conference Debate Session III—Mobile + Cloud = Risk + Opportunity
Introduced and Chaired by Joshua Budd, Consulting Director, IDC CEMA

Intense competition arises when major currents converge – and “Mobile” and “Cloud” are the two most dynamic currents in IT today. A fertile new ecosystem is forming, rich with opportunities for service providers. In it, dumb pipe providers could evolve into multimedia impresarios – with seventy percent of all mobile users anticipating use of cloud services and mobile video by 2013. But analyst data also uncovers the many risks and challenges awaiting the unprepared – not least of which is security.

We invite Joshua Budd to share the latest research data on the likely weak points – both technological and social – as well as the new opportunities and user expectations.

What do users really want, and what will they pay for? How do we assess the risks? Does security demand more intelligence at the edge? Is unified threat management the answer, or is it “all our eggs in one basket”?

Closing Keynote Presentation – by Arpit Joshipura, Vice President of Product Marketing, Dell Networking 
Networking the Virtual Enterprise
Employees are rarely in their cubes or offices yet working round the clock with their own devices. Applications they access are increasingly hosted in a cloud…private or public…on a virtual machine that ping-pongs between physical servers in various data centers…..that’s the Virtual Enterprise. This keynote will lay a path of getting today’s IT to the future state with special emphasis on connecting workloads and users with new network architectures that enable this virtual enterprise.

Guest Speaker Presentation by Nan Chen, President, MEF
A Vision for Networking 
There are two global networks known to man: the PSTN and the Internet. The vision of the third global network is the subject of Nan Chen’s opening guest speaker address.

Conference Debate Session IV—Quick Fire Hot Seat– Show me the money: You have ten minutes to set the press on fire!
Chaired by Manek Dubash, Editorial Director, NetEvents

Here’s a gathering of the Europe’s key press and analyst gatekeepers – get them interested, and your name will be heard right across the region…

So we challenge our vendor delegates to make a short, tightly targeted pitch for just one preferred technology, service or solution. You must focus it on one of two targets:

  • The enterprise market – why this product, service or technology will help business, in-crease efficiency and/or boost competitive advantage
  • The telco market – why this product, service or technology will dynamize/ strengthen their infrastructure and/or add value to their service portfolio

Make your pitch, then be prepared for a public grilling from Manek Dubash.

Remember, the press has heard it all before. So, fall back on your standard sales pitch and you get the big thumbs down, but come up with something fresh, innovative and exciting and the whole audience will be busy taking notes.

  • “The network that knows you” – Shezhad Merchant, VP of Technology, Extreme Networks
  • “The Next Killer App”— Mike Banic, VP Global Marketing, Networking, HP Networking
  • “The growth of bandwidth” – Claude Sassoulas, Managing Director for the Europe and Africa Region, Tata Communication Services
  •  “Harnessing the power of the global platform“ – David Howorth, Area Vice President Global Services – EMEA, Verizon

CIO Challenges:
Guest speaker presentation by José Luis Rocha Sousa, CIO, IBMC – Instituto de Biologia Molecular e Celular/Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology
Adapting in an ocean of complexity – the challenge for tomorrow’s IT systems

From Big Data to BYOD, from virtualization to SDN… most of the profound challenges facing IT to-day are, at basis, the challenge of managing – or at least navigating through – increasing complexity.

It is no longer enough to make systems robust and resilient to survive anticipated faults or attacks, we now need systems that have an ability to adapt. The analogy between adaptive and living systems is attractive, but adaptation also happens as IT evolves. For example: next generation defences do not simply block traffic that matches a checklist of known attacks, they use deep packet inspection to flag anything that might signal a new type of attack. If the ensuing response can be automated and “learned”, it provides a defence that adapts to new attacks.

Classic systems theory attempts to define and understand systems as hierarchies of sets and subsets, and it has difficulty modelling the massively parallel processes of emergent phenomena – the way complex patterns arise out of a sea of relatively simple interactions. Whereas “pure” IT still resides in that classic camp, “real world” systems develop in a socio economic context and this means that leading edge development of adaptive systems must bridge these two approaches.

It is an intriguing concept, and we are very lucky to have a guest speaker deeply immersed in the design of adaptive IT system architecture. José Luis Rocha Sousa has since 2005 been CIO at a multidisciplinary research institution, IBMC – in a post that intriguingly bridges IT and life sciences.

Better leave further explanation to our speaker – just get ready for a fascinating insight into tomorrow’s technology.

Conference Debate Session V—Rock, not sand – laying a solid foundation for 4G networks
Introduced and chaired by Emeka Obiodu, Principal Analyst—Telco Strategy Practice, Ovum

No sooner had mobile operators addressed the challenge of smartphones and the explosion in backhaul demand, than they were faced with the choice of either migrating to 4G/LTE or losing their richest customers.

Not surprisingly the data tsunami and mobile backhaul demand have dominated discussion in the last two years, and the MEF has responded with CE 2.0 and new specifications specifically addressing mobile back-haul. But it is time to look in greater detail at the route to global 4G services.

Emeka Obiodu will begin by outlining the less obvious challenges and what new ones could arise as the next generation grows up. Do our panel members have the answers?

Paneliists: Ian Keene, Vice President, Gartner; Carsten Rossenhoevel, Managing Director Research & Development, EANTC AG; Nan Chen, President, MEF

Conference Debate Session VI—A Rocking Round-up – Analysts look back over two days of solutions and propose disruptive innovations to rock the industry… and future NetEvents!
What will be the key take-aways from this NetEvents? Which facts stand out? Whose opinions and predictions will stand the test of time? Which technologies cannot be ignored? There’s nothing quite like hearing the experts’ view on what really matters, so we invite key analysts onstage to briefly present their unique distillation of this Press & Analyst Summit.

Finally, we challenge them to surprise us – to stick their necks out and each make a wild guess at the next disruptive innovation. Who cared about the Cloud in 2006? Or SDN in 2010? So, what will be the next red-hot NetEvents topic?
We hope you enjoy the event – submit any questions you would like to put to our speakers to or via Twitter @NetEventsTV.

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