NetEvents Singapore Day One: Keynote by Amit Sinha Roy from Tata Communications

The NetEvents APAC Press & Service Provider VIP Summit is underway! Today in Singapore, the two-day event (May 28 and 29, 2015) kicked off with a keynote from Amit Sinha Roy, Vice President of Tata Communications, talking about evolution of the WAN. (Photos, transcripts and presentations from the keynote are available. Visit this page and click on the Press Resources tab.)

Mr. Roy explained that the enterprise is moving to the cloud and to a hybrid cloud environment, and the issues that are facing the enterprise CIOs is mostly around network security and the service-level agreements. The evolution of the hybrid cloud, where the private data is secure, along with some applications that enterprises want to open up to the public, is a way of life that is not going to be reversed.

He continued that there is a connectivity issue which is coming up across the public cloud, the private cloud and in-house, where complexity is actually increasing with mobility. As users become mobile, as applications are moving off into BYOD, into a global workforce, work from home, work on the move, work from planes. The last bastion of privacy is gone – and that means trust issues, security issues and risk issues for all parties.

From the Tata perspective, data flows now have become very complicated, which is moving across the Internet, multipoint networks, across MPLS, Ethernet in the private networks, and then of course in-house and point to point, leading to sometimes traffic snarl-ups. This will create issues in terms of application availability and user experience, which is essentially what the CIO is looking to deliver. So there could be bottlenecks which come up and even traffic flows, that create issues for the users and therefore take away from the user experience.

During his keynote, Mr. Roy went deep into the evolution of the WAN to accommodate evolving enterprise and end-user requirements, and then unveiled Tata’s new service offerings: IZO, a network enablement for wide area networks and for cloud.

The IZO family of services leverage not only the Tata communications network, but also in partnership with over 20 service providers, to provide end customers with a deterministic routing for the data over the public internet. So it is almost like delivering MPLS or Ethernet capabilities over the public internet, said Mr. Roy.

After his keynote, Mr. Roy was interviewed by Mike Fratto, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Network Systems, Current Analysis. Photos, transcripts and presentations from the keynote are available. Visit this page and click on the Press Resources tab.

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