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21 July 2020

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What positive measures are C-level executives across Europe discovering about how to maintain business continuity and improve agility in the face of unpredictable crisis and what mistakes are they learning from? The anticipated “new normal” – whatever form it takes – needs to be informed and built not only upon innovation but also the wisdom of outstanding technology leaders and business visionaries.

Tim Banting, Omdia’s Principal Analyst, Workspace Services has plenty of in-depth practical knowledge of unified communications and collaboration, with previous experience at Microsoft, NexitraOne, Cisco, Rockwell and GlobalData. he has invited a select group of Europe’s CIOs from organizations that have not only managed the transition but are emerging fitter and stronger for it.

This CIO virtual “round table” discussion is by invitation only and will focus on business continuity and cultivating agility – both within the organization and externally with partners, channels and customers. It will address issues such as:

  • What has been learnt, and how can we be better prepared for any future disruption
  • Identify vulnerable points or areas where we should be better prepared
  • How can we adapt to more flexible virtual ways of working
  • Steps to secure a geographically dispersed virtual workplace

Following this event Podcast and Broadcast versions will be made available via the NetEvents iTunes and YouTube channels.







Analyst Chair: Tim Banting, Senior Principal Analyst | Workspace Services, Omdia







Graham Budd,  President and Chief Operating Officer, Arm







Rob Greig, Chief Information Officer, Arup







Michael Cole, CTO, PGA European Tour and Ryder Cup Europe







Thomas Wölker, CIO, Rehau







Steve Jenkins, Vice President Europe, TATA Communications







David Whalley, Chief Information Officer, Thoughtworks

Registration for this event is subject to approval

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