May 4th, 2020 – The story behind our NetEvents face lift

Mark Fox, NetEvents CEO

For an organization that has been ahead of the game of promoting digital transformation, you might be wondering how NetEvents itself is adapting. Our public face has been so much about recognising and leveraging the virtues of face-to-face contact to build sustainable relationships between tech’s many stakeholders. A digital link can be ended at a keystroke – while memories of shared moments and ideas live on.

That has been the outsider view: NetEvents as something great that happens around the globe just three or four times a year.

But it was only the tip of the iceberg. Because we have always had endless ways of stretching those shared events across the year, and the globe. A discussion prompts an interview, a video, a Podcast, Tweet, article or blog… any valuable interaction with our media partners at NetEvents has the potential to be heard by a global audience of more than three million C-Level and Senior IT executives and buyers worldwide.

Through all those personal contacts we have built NetEvents’ exceptional network of media, vendors, visionaries, technologists, analysts, business leaders, entrepreneurs and the tech investment community across the globe. And we never rested between events!

So, it is time for greater clarity. Time to announce fresh names for our diverse parts, talents and the opportunities we offer for media, industry, analysts and the investor community. Namely:

  • NetEvents Live!

This is the NetEvents you already know and love – the meeting place for technology leaders. Our exclusive regional/global events for invited industry leaders and media. A chance to discuss, share and network with technologists, visionaries and C-level peers. Foster lasting relationships face-to-face with leading tech journalists and analysts in a relaxed, focused environment.

  • NetEvents inter@ctive

The optimal blend of targeted plus global coverage – adding twice-monthly virtual round table events to our global schedule. Each presentation and discussion is tailored to suit the most appropriate members of our ‘inner circle’ of top global and regional media to allow them (and their chosen VIP readers/viewers) privileged access to preview, interact with and report on these discussions – covering critical and topical technologies and issues – before the full content is shared and streamed worldwide.

  • NetEvents WIRED

This has been the foundation of our business since day one. NetEvents began by asking the media what they really wanted. We took on-board many of their suggestions regarding topics, competitive head-to-head debates, compelling visionary speakers, innovators, industry leaders, successful entrepreneurs, plus other key industry “movers and shakers”, and we created their preferred event. We are still listening and creating bespoke live, online and interactive events, still building a communications ecosystem optimised for both media and industry. This includes replacing the old-school vendor product pitch with interesting and insightful discoveries of what is truly innovative, significant and useful. What will become tomorrow’s news. Media, business or investor – just tell us what you need. We will design, produce, recruit top speakers and industry leaders, then add creative touches – all to your precise requirements.

NetEvents Inter@ctive hits the ground running on June 4th at 8am PT California time and 4pm BST in London with our first virtual international media event. We will cover “Hot Trends in Networking” with industry visionaries and analysts, plus reflecting on some of the keynote topics and sessions covered on the opening day of what has become one the network industry’s biggest events.

Additional events coming up in June include:

So that is the story behind the new-look NetEvents. A more transparent presentation of everything we stand for. More regular scheduled events, and even more opportunities to leverage and become an active part of our dynamic and effective global networking community. As you read this, you are already half-way there!

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by Mark Fox, CEO, NetEvents


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