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5G Developments in the NEW CLOUD EDGE

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Live Broadcast Times

Paris: 5pm  |  London: 4pm  |  New York: 11am  |  San Fran: 8am




The arrival of 5G will serve as a catalyst to accelerate network architectures built on technologies such as virtualization and microservices. The emergence of the new edge cloud architecture, catalyzed by 5G, will become a key strategic growth platform for the communications technology industry. The business impact will be in the trillions of dollars.

How will service providers, cloud providers, and enterprises use this new mobile-enabled cloud platform? This panel will look at the leading applications, business models, and services that can be enabled by the next-generation wireless networks. This includes building a new distributed cloud edge that can enable applications such as smart cities, smart retail, connected vehicles, real-time gaming, and mixed or augmented reality.

Scott closes this event with a 15 minute Q&A with the panel participants, the media from around the globe and their VIP guests.



Analyst Chair: Scott Raynovich, Chief Technology Analyst, Futuriom

Registration for this event is subject to approval

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