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CIO Round Table Business Continuity & Collaboration

23 June 2020

Private Round Table Event
Public Broadcast Available June 30, 2020




In face of the recent global pandemic, what positive lessons have CIOs learnt regarding the role of IT in maintaining business continuity and improving collaboration – both within the organization and externally with partners, channels and customers? The anticipated “new normal” – whatever form it takes – needs to be informed and built not only upon technological innovation but also the learning of such outstanding technology leaders.

This virtual round table brings together a select group of  invited CIOs from organizations that have best managed the transition. It will be chaired by Brad Casemore, IDC’s Research Vice President, Datacenter Networks with a keen focus on business and social continuity/collaboration, and it will be broadcast in real time to specific IT and business media – who will be invited to contribute questions to the table.

Following this virtual event, the recorded version will be promoted across the NetEvents digital channel to a worldwide community of CIOs wishing to learn from the experience of their industry peers. Podcast and broadcast versions of the discussion will be made available on the NetEvents YouTube channel, and the session and related content will also be  documented for placement across the entire NetEvents WIRED media ecosystem.

This is an exceptional opportunity to break from fire-fighting measures in order to share solutions and strategies for a better future. It will also spread the word to a potential audience of over three million C-Level and Senior IT Executives worldwide.



Analyst Chair: Brad Casemore, Research Vice President, Datacenter Networks

Registration for this event is subject to approval

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