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CIO Round Table on Predicting and Preparing for the New Normal Achieving Growth Through Adversity
North America

16 December 2020

Public Broadcast Available 12th January 2021




This year certainly surprised and confounded forecasters. Forward planning, long the foundation of business strategy, is no longer sufficient in itself. We must also have the agility to leap aside and regroup. The number one accelerator of digital transformation has been COVID 19.

GlobalData’s Jeremiah Caron – influential voice in ICT industries and highly regarded industry analyst – has a keen interest in such trends. Mining the spending and planning data from GlobalData’s annual survey of over 4 thousand enterprises worldwide, he discerns critical shifts in business priorities – changing attitudes to existing and emerging technologies as well as working practices.

NetEvents inter@ctive, in collaboration with GlobalData, is inviting CIOs from companies emerging stronger from these challenges to a round table discussion. Caron will fuel the session with key data points and unexpected findings from the latest survey, and invite participants to share their own experience and learnings.

We may well expect further surprises in 2021, but important trends can also be identified. For example: many organizations began home working as a desperate measure, but it has resulted in long-term reappraisals of working practice – with implications across town planning, the environment and society. It also raises challenging network edge security and performance issues. How to drive growth via exceptional customer experience, enhanced productivity and efficiency. How to take agility beyond risk management.

This session offers an important opportunity for the invited participants to learn from each other and share solutions to enable proactive planning and leadership for the years ahead.

The session will also be recorded and made available on NetEvents YouTube and Podcast channels – recognized sources of  advice, learning and inspiration to decision makers, C-Level and Senior IT Executives worldwide.



Analyst Chair: Jeremiah Caron, Global Head of Research & Analysis – Technology Group, GlobalData

Registration for this event is subject to approval

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